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From Landfills to Lungs: How E-Waste Pollution Affects Global Health

Introduction In the digital age, the rapid proliferation of electronic devices has revolutionized how we live,…

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How to responsibly Recycle Electronic Waste?

What is Electronic waste? Electronic waste, or e-waste, is any electrical equipment its owner no longer…

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Safeguarding Electrical Equipment During Monsoon

Introduction As the monsoon season sweeps across India, bringing life-giving rains and much-needed relief from scorching…

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global recycle day india
Does the Indian E-Waste Policy Need any Change?

What is E-Waste? Electronic equipment or devices that we purchase and either stop using or are…

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Top five corporate e-waste disposal programs – Initiatives to clean & green earth’ 

Introduction India was recognized as number three when it comes to e-waste production in 2020 after…

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Do you know what happens with your E-Waste?

Introduction India lacks valuable mineral reserves, and undiagnosed e-waste ends up in landfills. Therefore, a well-designed,…

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