The Manufacturing sector is not immune to the global economic challenges. As a matter of fact manufacturing companies are among some of the hard hit verticals experiencing increased competition from companies abroad resulting in a complete realignment of the global supply chain. Manufacturing sector IT professionals are expected to achieve a much tighter integration of their operations with those of their customers and suppliers.



By providing proven and flexible solutions, CISIPL has the in depth understanding of challenges of auto manufacturing companies. We have a proven capability in creating long-term relationships with our manufacturing. We partner, share world class experience, business processes, and technology expertise in ways that deliver high-quality and superior customer satisfaction. As a result, clients receive better, broader business benefits from outsourcing and are highly satisfied with the results of CISIPL.

Through collaborative, long-term relationships, we assist the leading manufacturing clients to achieve and sustain measurable results built on a solid IT foundation. Whether providing best in bread technology solutions, facilitating high-level IT consultants, delivering best of bread service desk solutions, or delivering a fully outsourced service, we seek a cultural fit with our clients that support their long-term success.

• Provide exceptional client service and achieve world-class results in the global real estate markets
• Improved service to and higher level of client and end user satisfaction
• Increase the level of flexibility for IT to adapt to varying business demands
• Access new processes, technologies and IT skill sets
• Reduced and predictable costs
• Greater agility to respond to changing markets
• Improved productivity and enhanced service to end user clients
• Higher compliance with regulatory standards
• Provide business with service desk and field technical resources, solution development, and project management
• Proactive approach to IT resulting in an extension of each firm’s product and service portfolio
• Assured quality through defined service levels and key performance indicators
• Risk mitigation through business continuity, disaster recovery, and information assurance services