CIPL clients span the entire spectrum in terms of size and industries.
We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our Corporate, Public Sector, and Education Clients including financial institutions, real estate firms, health institutions, universities, original equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and equipment resellers.


Financial Services
CIPL’s practical understanding and challenges of operations and the regulatory environment for financial services outsourcing extends to major financial clients.
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Through collaborative, long-term relationships, we assist the leading manufacturing clients to achieve and sustain measurable results built on a solid IT foundation.

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In working with pharmaceutical customers, CIPL looks for ways to increase efficiencies, respond quickly to change, reduce downtime, and manage regulatory compliance.
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Publishing & Media
We partner, share world class experience, business processes, and technology expertise in ways that deliver high-quality and superior customer satisfaction to the publishing and media industry.
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Healthcare & Life Sciences
Our healthcare and life sciences IT methodologies are founded on deep domain expertise. Our solutions incorporate components from multiple vendors.
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CIPL provides comprehensive infrastructure assessment & consulting, implementation & migration, project & program management, security, and support services designed for today's education customer.
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Real Estate
CIPL serves as a technology resource for real estate professionals in both private and commercial arenas. We bring alignment, focus and understanding of the IT lifecycle to the real estate industry.
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