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CISIPL's unified communications solutions improve productivity, lower costs, and mitigate risk.

In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, teamwork and collaboration are essential components of success for all enterprises regardless of size or vertical. As a result, we all have a need to communicate and share experiences, knowledge, ideas and opinions—anytime, anywhere.

At the same time, the explosion of social networking provides billions of people every day with the ability to interact like never before. This transformation is driving changes in how businesses think about employee communication and collaboration. It’s also triggering new ways to use communications and collaboration technologies to take full advantage of the power of human relationships to increase business value. You can find new ways to support mobile and teleworkers as you remove the barriers between remote sites to foster richer collaboration and information sharing among virtual teams.

Businesses can accomplish it all with CISIPL and our Unified Communications (UC) Solutions, all delivered by CISIPL subject area experts. Our experience as system and network integrators sets CISIPL apart from the rest with a modular and flexible approach to unified communications solutions that offers the flexibility you need. Starting with the capabilities that give you the most business value, we serve as a consultant and integrator for your organization. Our offerings combine best-in-class software and hardware communication and collaboration solutions.

CISIPL’s solutions architects and consultants will work with you to jointly develop your strategy through a consultative assessment methodology. After an assessment, our architects and implementation engineers will plan, design and support each UC solution to deliver business value at every phase.


Improve productivity

As unified communications solutions are deployed, employees will work more productively, reachable wherever they are by whatever communications method they prefer. At the same time, communications-enabled business processes will transform your business by integrating collaboration tools into existing processes.

Lower costs

Independent studies show that by implementing a unified communications solution, business can reduce travel, training, real estate, telephony and audio conferencing by as much as 40 percent, voicemail costs by nearly 60 percent and IT by up to 30 percent. You’ll see an improved return on investment as you enhance operational efficiency, consolidate systems and drive down business expenses.

Mitigate risk

Voice and messaging infrastructure is a mission-critical for all businesses. Our UC lifecycle approach provides a strategy to keep your current environment up and running while transitioning your unified communications and collaboration systems to a future state.